Population Health

Tech for the Good

Global Health Infrastructure
that unifies, creates equity, and extends data-driven, evidence-based care

We believe data science should serve and support all people. It must include the diversity of previously underrepresented people emerging and developing country's health information as it matures. Future generation health is our global imperative.

The Way Forward to Global Population Health

Healthy people rise nations

No one should be excluded from health-related research because of where they live or who they are. Health, data, research, and insights must inform every nation's health and economic policy decisions. Reliable, routinely collected data, is essential. Much of humanity's disease burden is acutely evident in developing regions, impacting underserved populations and emerging countries. Only a small fraction of global data is packaged and presented in a beneficial way for researchers, providers, patients, caregivers, and policymakers in these underserved areas.

Commitment to Health and Bioinformatics Education

Improving humanity's health at scale represents global historical truths, perseverance, and hope. The Inderbitzin Solution's commitment to educational services supports growth and advancement; as health becomes part of each nation's rich resources.

Socioeconomic changes, migration from rural to urban living, shifting disease patterns

Chronic illnesses such as adult cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression struggle with childhood infectious, perinatal, and nutritional disorders, require relevant data, down to the genomic detail.