Data Engine

Making Sense of Data

We solve the "infodemic" raging within our digital, hyper-connected world. The Age of Covid-19 allows us to become more aware of the acute outpouring of information.

Our services teams share their knowledge and best practices and our interactive tools to our users' data interrogation and examination:

1. Bring Your Own (BYO) Analytics model.

2. BYO Visualization tool model.

3. Cohort creator and explorer.

4. Patient journey creator and explorer.

5. Approachable, easy-to-use user interface.

Clinical, technology experts and others support the goal to use data to improve lives to interact with our solution. The user experience is designed for ease-of-use, it is friendly and helpful for all healthcare constituents. In addition, our user experience is identical, and does not vary between use-scenarios such as a computer, tablet, phone, etc. The limiter is that of the device and not our system

Uniting for the right reasons
Not fragmenting or dividing
for the wrong reasons.

Supporting the need to classify, categorize, study, and research efficiently ethically for the right reasons is always at the forefront of our decision-making. That is why we maintain open transparency to our algorithms, trusted interoperability, intelligent access for all constituents.

Inderbitzin Solutions' statistical validity across research science datasets strives to approach availability nearest to real-time. As a result of our inclusivity, clients', all 7.5 billion, may one day realize and share in it relational value equally, anytime, and anywhere.