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8+ billion People

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Inderbitzin Solutions offers a new approach for unifying personal health information using the latest technology innovations.

We are changing how global healthcare data is collected and organized for the benefit of patients, clinicians, researchers, payers, and pharma.

Our scalable platform ingests, maps, integrates, and harmonizes healthcare data creating unparalled opportunites to advance research, drug discovery, diagnosis, therapies, and cures.

Empowering 8+ Billion People, not 8

While complex, delivering upon the promise of usable, contextually relevant, Global Health Information is now within reach.
Historical roadblocks are no longer relevant.

Personalized and secured health information can be available for everyone, everywhere, in a totally secure environment. Our decision-based analysis, research, and point-of-care capabilities unite patients, researchers, clinicians, pharma, health providers, and payers, with the most relevant and usable information specific to their patients and their diseses.

Securing Humanity's Greatest Asset

Our ad-free, transparent infrastructure protects private personal health information. Every person is our respected client.

We place secure, private, collaborative control into the hands of our clients. The Inderbitzin Solutions team applies technological tools to empower health information while protecting personal freedoms.

All of us have little control over how our personal data is harvested and used. While this is the standard practice in today’s consumer-based marketing, it is an unacceptable approach for the handling of our personal health information.

Relevant and Supportive Information

When you or a loved one develop serious health issues, the need for relevant and supportive information becomes extremely important. Our vision is to create the Ultimate Personal Health Portal satisfying this need with the best personalized, comprehensive, and relevant information available.

Inderbitzin Solutions is the next generation Solution Provider

We apply human ingenuity and technology to optimize information necessary for humanity's sustainability.

How we do it:

Using a variety of modeling and analytical tools, applied to genomic detail, we boast highly reliable outcomes (statistical validity) resulting in the largest, most inclusive, and diverse, fully informed dataset in the world.

Who do we provide value to?

Our clients are those looking to achieve optimal support for outcomes-based, patient-centered therapies and treatments.

Company commitment

We reduce hardships for people and their loved ones while improving top and bottom-line growth and expansion for our clients, partners, and collaborators.