Make healthcare information available globally, empowering 7+ billion people, not 7 people.


Deliver individually relevant healthcare solutions that democratize and harmonize healthcare data, increasing its usability.

Our Approach 

Inderbitzin Solutions' is diversely inclusive. We serve all people as the priority, including underserved and emerging communities . Our goal is to ensure that information is understandable and appropriately available to everyone, anywhere, anytime.

The Inderbitzin Culture

Inderbitzin Solutions' multi-industry experience, business acumen, and technology innovation align around a single passion: creating approachable healthcare solutions to better the human condition in an ad-free secure, private, and accessible environment. Decades of unmatched expertise set us apart.

Global Sustainability via Responsible Behaviors 

We have deep respect for environmental stewardship. Where possible, we prioritize "green" technologies and practices; as we continue our evolution towards a negative carbon footprint. 

As a diverse team, we are committed to providing work-life balance for ourselves and partners globally. Our teams; span the world; as a result, we support a high-performance remote-work environment.

Leadership Team

Paul Inderbitzin

Paul is the Founder and CEO of Inderbitzin Solutions. Paul recognized the healthcare paradox and determined it was time to build a team and address it. The paradox is quality healthcare and patient services have steadily declined while costs have skyrocketed in an environment where higher capability technology with lower costs has flourished. An expert in business strategy and risk management, Paul’s career began at Traveler’s Insurance. He quickly evolved his expertise and acumen at American Mutual Insurance Alliance, American Farm Bureau, Reliance Insurance, and American Reinsurance where he served as Chairman, President, and CEO for many years. Mr. Inderbitzin led the leveraged buyout of American Re-Insurance by Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts (KKR) and the eventual sale to Munich Reinsurance (the largest reinsurer in the world). At the time, this sale was KKR’s best return on equity investment in their history. After the sale, Mr. Inderbitzin retained his position as Chairman, President and CEO of American Reinsurance. His title also included CEO of Munich Reinsurance, North American Operations. Mr. Inderbitzin graduated from St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY earning a BA in Math and a major in Economics. He had extensive actuarial experience including being the Chief Actuary at the American Mutual Insurance Alliance and the American Farm Bureau.

Denton Hunter

Denton Hunter is a Senior Technology Executive with over 30 years of experience in Sales, Sales Management, Business & Partner Development and Product Management. Denton has held senior positions at several tech stalwarts such as Apple, CA Technologies, International Game Technologies, and Oracle. Denton’s focus through his career has been clearly understanding the tactical and strategic needs of both clients and internal stakeholders.  But his true superpower continues to be the ability to translate those needs into products and services that clients want and value.

Al Nugent

Alan Nugent is a technology industry veteran who has served in a number of leadership roles in multinational corporations and early/mid stage companies. Currently, Alan serves as a Chief Technology Officer at Inderbitzin Solutions, working on secure, scalable, global data management solutions for the healthcare industry. Prior to Inderbitzin Systems, he led the development of the Oracle Cancer Research Cloud, a massive, curated multi-omic repository designed to accelerate research for individualized treatments and molecular medicine. He also is a Principal at Marlborough Street Partners and currently on the Board of Jaxon.ai whose technology enables the creation of training data for AI systems. Al has served as CTO for CA Technologies, Novell, and Xerox. He was also the CIO and CISO for American Re/Munich Re. Alan also served as an advisor to several early/mid stage technology and healthcare startups including Pulse Infoframe, N-of-One, Lavoro Technologies and others. He co-authored Big Data for Dummies and was the lead technical editor for Cognitive Computing and Big Data Analytics. He is an instrument rated private pilot and has played professional poker for the past 3 decades. In his sparse spare time he enjoys rebuilding older American muscle cars and motorcycles, collecting antiquarian books, epicurean cooking, and has passion for cellaring American and Italian wines.

Kristin Raffaelle

Kristin is a technology, strategic marketing, and business development veteran who has served in leadership roles in multinational corporations, early mid-stage, and emerging nonprofits. She is passionate about using technology to empower people.  At Inderbitzin Solutions, she works to create, extend and deliver advanced scientific and technological value that benefits the system-whole as measured by better patient outcomes. Before Inderbitzin Solutions, she led Global Marketing functions at GTE/Ag Communication Systems and Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs (I.P., Wireless and Wireline). She was the Vice President of Marketing at Aprima EMR, and CEO of Health Current, Arizona's primary resource for information technology and HIE exchange, and the V.P. of Business Development, ISC. Inc. Her career placed her at the creation and initial development stages of large networks, mass-scale relational data, including genomic detail and fully integrated voice, video, and data. While in the biotech thermal testing and validation segment she was a member of the American Red Cross HIV task force, that defined and delivered the world's blood product collection, packaging, and distribution system. She is the founder of Demosophy.com, a technology see, feel, and think tank; and a book Demosophy, Wisdom of the People, a framework that weaves physical and digital health as the golden threads of enabling humanity's sustainability and survivability. 

I.S. Solutions is the next generation Solution Provider

We apply human ingenuity and technology to optimize people, places and things for humanity's sustainability. 

How we do it:

Using BPM applied down to genomic detail we boast highly reliable outcomes (statistical validity) resulting from the largest, most inclusive, and diverse fully informed dataset in the world.

Who we provide value to?

Our clients are those looking to achieve optimum ability to support outcomes based patient-centered therapies and cures.

Our commitment:

We function to reduce hardship for people and their loved ones while improving top and bottom line growth and expansion for all parties, system elements.