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Therapies, Cures, and Cost Containment

Data, in staggering amounts and variety, is our modern reality; the volume and fragmentation are increasing. Where is this data? Who captures and controls usable access? These questions are essential when the mission is overcoming challenges plaguing our global ecosystems' ability to efficiently develop healthcare therapies, cures, and cost containment.

Tackling Data Sprawl

Inderbitzin Solutions overcomes the problem of data sprawl and fragmentation. We capture, curate, and harmonize all types of data. Regardless of its location, public or private, we optimally make it ready for research, analysis, and more meaningful use by all appropriate constituents.

Respecting Data's Diversity

We respect data in all forms: genomic, proteomic, electronic medical records, imaging, physicians' notes, lab results, referral notes, claims, and other diagnostic and treatment information, bringing into the platform and making it usable.

The Refinery of the Future

The Inderbitzin Unprecedented Differentiation

Tower of Babel

Making Data Approachable

As much as we love data, digital health data in raw form is virtually unusable to clinicians or researchers. Inderbitzin Solutions Integration and Translation Engine automatically processes raw data files into usable forms that support specific use cases.

We Ingest Data

Perhaps our greatest solution capability is identifying, ingesting, and mapping data at scale. A year ago, what was considered a technological and intellectual challenge, has become the I.S. solution's global differentiator.

Harmonizing 'omics' Data

Our platform becomes ever more intelligent as we combine, harmonize and share. While you may read about Health Information Repositories amassing volumes of data, the broad statements gloss over the lacking dataset's accessibility and useability. Our proprietary protocols do the "heavy lifting" so users have meaningful data accessibility.

Common Taxonomy or Vocabulary

Making healthcare data usable under a common taxonomy or vocabulary is another unprecedented differentiation. We make the incomplete, conflicting, and potentially dangerous illnesses data usable and entrusted for healthcare diagnosis and outcomes. Our platform is fully internationalized, supporting single- and double-byte languages. We communicate with everyone, everywhere.

Data Integrity and Storage

Where and how is all this data secured and stored?

Our highly secure, globally available cloud infrastructure accommodates different database environments and multiple access, security, and privacy layers. Private patient data is de-identified. Information is available in various zones across the globe, allowing compliance with government regulatory requirements, redundancy, and offering business continuity for those who need it.

Blanketed Security and Privacy

Role-based Workflows make Sense

Our advanced design protocols provide equanimity under a blanket of security and privacy, ensuring only individuals with the correct entitlements can see the data. Our role-based control system assures the individual only sees role-specific data depending on their point of access. Providing access to harmonized data based on the role (or roles) is essential to delivering better outcomes for patients, especially in underserved areas of the world.

Monitored and Controlled Access and Provisioning

Access is carefully controlled and monitored, ensuring only those with authorized access do so. Control protocols make only relevant data available to patients, doctors, clinicians, researchers, and other authorized personnel. Layered provisioning assigns role(s)-based access to necessary data. Roles are expandable and refinable. Multiple role access provides specific users, such as a medical researcher who is also a practicing clinician.