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Viola Ford Fletcher Foundation to improve health for 7 billion people, including the underserved

Unprecedented partnership for humanity’s survivability and sustainability

Includes leading cloud technology, global business leaders, His Royal Majesty, philanthropic giving, and an attainable common goal

FRISCO, TX, February 28, 2022/PRNewswire/-- The Viola Ford Fletcher Foundation announces a global health technology partnership, Health is Wealth, with Inderbitzin Solutions and His Royal Majesty Eze. Dr. Amb. Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu, King of the IGBO Community in Ghana, Africa.

This release follows the Foundation’s successful formation announcement and commitment to improving personal health access through beneficial education, mentorship, and upwardly mobile workplace opportunities.

Inderbitzin Solutions will create an unmatched health data platform in genomic detail that uniquely supports population health initiatives in Africa. “Together, we will close the gap in healthcare and lead breakthroughs in research. Our capabilities can grow, assemble, translate, and democratize essential information to better support health for African descent populations and for all people,” explained Paul Inderbitzin of Inderbitzin Solutions.

Africa, the second most populated continent, home to Nigeria and Ghana, both in the top 5 mobile internet traffic as a percentage of the total web traffic [1]. This places population health data as essential infrastructure services with healthcare, energy, transportation, water, and communications. Ending data fragmentation, including underserved populations, and making it appropriately accessible and usable is at the root of global health[2] [3]. “Working with the African Diaspora, we are purposefully using technology in ways that empower us as we leapfrog to new levels of stability and prosperity. Broadening and organizing our knowledge allows us to better serve the needs of those we care for in our families, communities, and those less privileged; globally,” stated His Royal Majesty Exe Dr. Amb. Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu.

The Viola Ford Fletcher Foundation furthers its commitment to sustainably improving the lives of both people and the planet by effectively mobilizing resources that support self-sufficiency holistically through health, education, mentorship, and workforce opportunity. While in the early stages, initiatives, alliances, and expert advisors support real-world solutions that empower people in meaningful ways.

“Health is wealth; it connects us to prosperity. In good faith, I am asking leaders to move forward together, commit to values, communicate honestly, and make a positive difference in people’s lives. In my name, let’s reduce recurrent polarization, disagreement, and needless hardship, the root of generational suffering,” said Viola Ford Fletcher.

With approximately 4.6 billion active internet users or 60% of the global population, humanity’s ability to share and access statistically relevant information is unprecedented. “For us, 2022 marks a milestone for what is possible with the right team and a shared goal. Inderbitzin Solutions and His Royal Majesty’s sincere willingness to partner in health exemplifies authentic servant leadership. We want all people in the world to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. Imagine patients and caregivers getting understandable health insights right on their phone,” said Ike Howard, the Foundation’s Chief Operating Officer.

About The Viola Ford Fletcher Foundation:

The Viola Ford Fletcher Foundation (VFFF) is a newly forming 501(c)(3) non-profit. Its principles, values, and intention stem from the oldest living survivor of one of the worst race massacres in the USA’s history. Taking place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1921, also referred to as Black Wall Street and the Tulsa Race Massacre. The Foundation partnerships define new levels of trust and operate for the Good of humanity, believing we are stronger together. The VFFF aligns with leaders who serve at the front edge of noble causes that empower self-sufficiency through health, education, and economic opportunity. Presently, we are harnessing the best talent and ideas to produce tangible results.

About Inderbitzin Solutions:

Inderbitzin Solutions is a US-based company whose mission is to make personalized and secured health information available for everyone. Their vision is for technology to empower 7 billion people, not 7 people, therefore changing how global healthcare data is collected, organized, and distributed.

In a totally secure environment, Inderbitzin Solutions will support decision-based analysis, research, and point-of-care capabilities. All users: patients, researchers, clinicians, pharma, health providers, and payers, will be provided the most relevant and usable information.

About Royal Majesty Eze Dr. Amb. Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu:

His Royal Majesty Eze Dr. Amb. Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu is one of the most respected influential African Diaspora leaders. Residing at his palace in Accra, he is recognized by the Ghanaian government, who often defers to him on issues related to Ghana and Nigeria. His Majesty is a successful businessman with ventures spanning Ghana, Nigeria, and other African countries. As chief executive officer of Chibert Group of companies, his interests include transportation, healthcare, farming, aluminum, education, entertainment, oil & gas, and marine services. He is a researcher and an author. One of his books, All About Leadership And Attainment Of Achievements, outlines the importance of African cultural values vis-à-vis modern leadership acumen.

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[3] Spicer, N., Agyepong, I., Ottersen, T. et al ‘It’s far too complicated’: why fragmentation persists in global health. July, 9, 2020; Accessed February 6, 2022

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